Wills And Estates

Drafting And Writing Wills

If you have a typical estate, you do not need complex, detailed instructions including multiple trusts and other planning instruments. Our Toronto estate planning lawyer offers a simple, straightforward approach to protecting your property and family.

We will:

  • Send you a questionnaire for you to read at your own pace
  • Be available to answer your questions
  • Set up an appointment to discuss your needs in more detail
  • Draft the will, keeping it simple and easy to understand
  • Make sure that there aren't any unpleasant surprises for your beneficiaries in terms of taxes or probate fees
  • Allow you time to understand the details, making any changes necessary
  • Draft a final copy and have it properly signed and witnessed

Together, we will ensure that your family knows who will handle your estate and what will be done with your property. We avoid legalese and unnecessary complications, making the will straightforward enough to avoid any problems for your trustee as he or she administers it.

Estate Administration

An estate trustee has several duties when administering a will. Our office can help you carry them out. The office of Lawrence Lychowyd can help you:

  • Probate the will (make sure it's valid)
  • Understand the instructions
  • Locate all the assets
  • Locate all the beneficiaries
  • Distribute the assets
  • Handle any special assets such as real estate or business interests
  • Carry out any of the title transfers or clearances of the name of the deceased from jointly owned property
  • Sell off any assets that must be sold off
  • Keep accurate records
  • Help with final taxes and other administrative tasks
  • Get a final clearance from the Canada Revenue Agency

We have a flat-rate fee and are accessible at any point throughout the process to help you get the estate finalized.

Contact Lawrence Lychowyd

For help drafting or administering a will, contact us at 647-495-7697 to set up a free consultation.